All in the middle of their wedding fever to know the number of procedures and small details that must be seen in this last week before the wedding. They can be quite overwhelming.

    Some things - like receiving flowers and damaged badly icing wedding cake - you'll never see coming.

    These are problems that, despite the most careful planning, everything goes and you have to rise and face. However, walking down the aisle with a low-cut dress with a chest covered with pimples is preventable.

    So it's a cold sore from hell on the upper lip, their elbows lined with red hair, eczema, psoriasis first, all to show the world. Most skin problems are not from nothing. You can plan ahead, know the triggers, and be ready.


    If you break bad acne when you are stressed, you can be sure that will happen a few days before getting married.

    Dermatologist Dr. Jo-Ann See said, it takes four months, if not more, to get your skin under control. Start with a visit to your doctor. If your acne is mild - have fun when you are ovulating or pre-term - it can often be treated with antibiotics, a lotion or pill.

    For more persistent acne request a referral to a dermatologist. Acne is the most common problem seen by dermatologists, and they have an arsenal of drugs and treatments for your acne under control, but as Dr See said they need time to work.

    If the chest or back acne is marked by the past Be especially careful when choosing clothes to cover the scarred areas.

    Fake Tanner properly applied can reduce the appearance of scars, but give it a first try out. Camouflage makeup can be tricky if you wear traditional colors, because there is a chance to rub and leave marks on her dress.

    One of the best Dermablend is available (please call 1300 656 101 resellers for more information).

    Cold sores

    Each patient has cold sores on their own triggers, but UV is one of the most common, said Dr See. So in any case you get caught or stranded ski weeks and get tanned before you get married. Take note, especially if you plan one of these romantic tropical island wedding.

    Any trauma to the lips and skin around them, such as wind burn, crack, and even kissing may be activated when combined with stress, whether mental or physical. And some people are more prone to cold sores at the time of 'year.

    Topical treatments applied to first Tingle has limited success, said Dr See. What you really need is a treatment in blood flow faster. Drugs, including valacyclovir or famciclovir can work well if you can your doctor immediately. They cost about $ 200, however, because they are not covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

    Psoriasis and eczema

    In winter it is always going to be a difficult time for people who suffer from one of these problems: the air is drier and more sensitive skin, therefore, to use lots of moisturizer, or better yet, a simple plan in the spring or summer wedding, however.

    In the case of psoriasis, moderate exposure to sun and salt water can be a great improvement in the skin. Dr. V. also could consider the hairstyle, which covers the back of the neck, ears and hairline, even if only to flare up. Psoriasis - just like cold sores and pimples - may get worse when you are stressed, or even a small bacterial infection such as a sore throat.

    Keep your skin well hydrated to reduce eczema and you know where your eczema patches will keep them covered so you do not have to worry about. Sheer sleeves, veil-like fabric can be beautiful on a summer wedding dress.


    "Disaster, disaster. Do not go," said Dr See. She has seen many patients who had spoiled with a facial the week before a special occasion to end up with rashes, bumps and irritation, and it was either new to used goods, new to the therapist or had skin that reacts to heat and manipulation by one side. Facials can be large, but not in the days before a wedding unless you are very used to them and are seen by the same therapist is accustomed to seeing.

    The same goes for cosmetic treatments in clinics, such as dermabrasion. Always and only care when you know you're not going to have a reaction, and always tell your therapist about your special day, and when it is.

    IPL is a light treatment that eliminates freckles and improves the skin, making it ideal for sun-damaged skin - but start early. Requires a series of IPL treatments and each left the brown skin and saw a couple of weeks. Home 6-12 months before the wedding and is designed to be completed within a month.

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