Wedding Shoes 2011

    Human foot is divided into several forms. One of them form a flat foot or leg that has no arch in your foot. For this type of foot, usually can not walk long and must pay attention to choose the model that has a supporting shoe shoe so that there are arches that will support the foot. Or bone onion, which has a leg bone at the base of the toes. For this type of foot is no way to anticipate the bone in order not to stand out anymore. Usually people prefer shoes thong model or commonly known as model-flops, for an open and comfortable in the bone of his onion. Though the form of thong will stimulate the bone is more outgoing again. One of the anticipation is to use closed shoes with a soft material. Bone onion usually more commonly found in older people, but when young usually can tell if someone has a tendency to have bone onion or not.

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