Make The Perfect Wedding Dress Choice

    He just proposed? It is the most awesome feeling in the world, is it not? Savor it, because the next few months up to your marriage are going to be pure hell. Whether you are Bridezilla herself or a direct descendant of the kindest soul on the planet, your wedding shopping is going to be a long winding process. Your wedding dress especially has to be perfect.

    Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when you are out purchasing your very own bridal gown:

    1. Budget yourself:

    You have to decide on a budget. It need not be a strict amount but is better to make it a general range like between USD 1000 – USD 1500. Decide if you would like this range to include your accessories or if you are limiting it only to your gown. Accessories usually include things like a tiara, shoes, jewelry and probably a clutch. A few experts say that you must dedicate 10% of your wedding budget to the bridal attire.

    2. Research Thoroughly

    I do not mean store research. Log on to the wonderful creation that is the Internet and look around at the variety of gowns available. The styles, the patterns, the materials and the variety. Familiarize yourself with any bridal store lingo if there is. Another great source of information is bridal magazines. You will find the latest rage and trends and the appropriate color of the season.

    3. Pick A Style

    There are a hundred styles available when it comes to wedding dresses. Bridal gowns come in several different silhouettes. First check out which style of dress will suit you the most and flatters your figure the most. Never go by pictures of models. Instead look for real women wearing wedding gowns, someone with a figure closest to you, and then decide.

    Following are a few gown varieties that are currently the most popular trend:

    Ball gowns:

    These gowns have full skirts and look spectacular on almost all body types. It is however not suitable for petite women. Warning: Ball gowns are usually quite heavy on account of the large amount of fabric and require plenty of care.

    A-line gowns:

    These bridal gowns generally have a nice fitted bodice up to the waist. The skirt flows to the ground in an A shape and is the perfect choice for someone looking to hide their lower body flaws.

    Wedding Sheath:

    A wedding sheath is ideal for slim and tall women with balanced figures. If you’ve spent hours at the gym toning your body, then this is the ideal outfit to showcase it. It moulds every contour of your body and should be worn only if you are confident of your figure. Never pick this style just because you love its appearance. There is nothing worse than a self conscious bride.

    Empire waist gowns:

    These gowns tighten just below the bust and a re a fabulous option for a more casual, non-formal wedding or if you are having your big day celebrated in a place with tropical climate. It is a superb choice for pregnant brides as it draws minimal attention to the belly thanks to the light, flowing fabric.Source URL:
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