Pakistani groom dress

    Sherwani is the traditional Pakistani wedding dress worn by many of their wedding day.

    Pakistan's boyfriend on her special day usually likes to wear sherwani. Sherwani is a traditional dress of the subcontinent. Sherwani is a Pakistani wedding dress, so many years has not gone out of fashion.

    Sherwani today has become a whole range of colors and styles. Sherwani is the work of needle and stone to make Pakistan the wedding dress looks very attractive.

    Sherwani jacket is quite similar, but extends down to the knees (sometimes even less). One of the traditional dress of South Asia, especially Pakistan has passed Kurta, loose shirt, that reaches to the knees. Sherwani can be combined with churidar, shalwar pajamas or Khara.

    red, brown and gold are the most popular options for the groom sherwanis Pakistan.

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