Padma Lakshmi Is Entangled In A Custody Battle Over Her 11-month-old Toddler

    40-Arigo Padma Lakshmi, model af den afstamning fremtrædende indiske, Mr Konverter der selv har nu til en tv-vært, er angiveligt star for more than one forældremyndigheden om en Kamp Far til 11 måneder hendes PIGE child Gammel, Krishna Thea, er med faderen venture iværksætteren den, Adam Dell, brother til den som er pukkelpister magtfulde computers, Michael Dell. Pr TMZ Adam har en lancer dokumenter i retsbygning Samli den in New York for up to Vidna samkvemsret Krishna.

    Adam is right now, we'll see a child of nine days each month ingredient informal agreement, which will be introduced until 20 February this year when a child reaches one year. Padma, who has a lot of "Top Chef", has never explicitly recognized the identity of the baby's father. He is accused, tried to implement a new management agreement with Adam, but the talks collapsed.

    Padma Mariage avec écrivain the controversial Salman Rushdie, said a été en 2007. Elle médiatisé son histoire d'amour avec le Milliardaire American Teddy Forstmann, Mai 2010.

    As for the site, the case was pointed out that Adam is a senior position who can be trusted with the requirements of Krishna before them. Adam has also indicated that Padma has sought to reduce its role in the life of Krishna Krishna indoctrinate as the father of Forstmann.

    Kuitenkin Padma tiedottaja, Christina Papadopoulos, on kiistänyt Taman väitteen, Etta lausuen Padma on tavoitteena yksinäinen on hyvinvointia suojella yes yksityisyyttä suorittamalla Krishna ja vain ystävällinen Vailla Sopimus huomiota median.

    Padma supporters stressed that she hopes Adam is a powerful ingredient in the life of Krishna and it intends to strengthen its role in ages Krishna a little more. People magazine said Adam Chambers, Bill Zabel, noted that Adam did not aspire to publish this issue, regardless of a court battle is essential for him to continue having a meaningful relationship with Krishna

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