Makeup And Epidemics

    This morning he woke with a grain of mountain on your face. As much as you want, you can not stay home and hide in bed. Do not be afraid! You can hide the volcanic nightmare with a judicious application of makeup.

    When the camouflage acne, you want to make sure to encrypt it was ugly scars is a new and growing ones. To that end, here are some tips for getting the most out of your makeup routine:

    * Start with a clean slate. Wash your face gently before applying your makeup. Too much washing, scrubbing and abrasive cleaners can damage skin and cause it to produce more oil and increase the growth of acne.

    * Go to light. Skip the heavy foundation of thickness, which increase the fat on the face. Try it without oil or water-based Foundation [source: WebMD].

    * Remember that less is more. Instead of excessive layers of makeup, use the least amount necessary to camouflage imperfections.

    * Read the label. Look for makeup non-comedogenic will not clog pores or products nonacnegenic not cause [source: American Academy of Dermatology] more acne.

    * Keep calm. You might want to avoid products that are pressed or embedded in, because they often contain ingredients comedogenic cosmetics.

    * Go easy on the powder. Although the powder is ideal to soak up the oil, you do not want glob so that you suffocate and clog pores. When you use a powder, remember that you only need a light dusting, and the resolution is better than pressed [Source: Cleveland Clinic].

    * Sleeping nude. Be sure to thoroughly wash all your makeup before going to sleep. Clean skin is healthy [source: Cleveland Clinic] skin.

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