How To Choose According To Their Own Conditions For The Color Of The Dress Wedding

    Fantasy chram women are beautiful, or fantasy, when the marriage to show that the beauty of the moment, they are likely to be taken away, all the fashion elements are added to the body, but it was quite easy to cut points, avoiding the houses incorrect, select a potential bride should learn before the election, wedding, wedding colors, wedding style, and a few other details. One result of tens of thousands of wedding bride, a narrow range of options, until finally we can try a few sets from which the final decision.

    Not necessarily a pure white wedding, the bride had to have their body hair whites, had begun to Queen Victoria, when the white represents good luck, and then confirm the importance of holiness and fidelity, when a married woman you can not use a white wedding dress, but also the formation of a thriving high-status white wedding dress.

    Prior to this, Greece is also the dress "white" for the bride, the most common color, but not strictly to the frame and black, of Roman times, the bride should bind Phi yellow: red traditional Chinese dress Zeyi a good sign at the beginning of the twentieth century, silver wedding is different from Chang displays the status for the royal family can see their marriage will be suitable for the "color", not specifically to wear a white wedding dress.

    With changing global trends, marriage, and more white, ivory, beige and other traditional colors, but also increasingly popular in recent years, pink dresses wedding together, like pink, pink, orange , light blue, purple, light green and light silver-gray, very soft and pleasing to the eye; If you are adventurous, dark green, red and purple, dark purple, decorated with pink dress, the color formation living, clothing, special effect is the most popular, of course, ivory or white silk wedding flowers pink, butterflies, to add color.

    In fact, he does not matter what color dress is the most important prerequisite is to meet the complexion of the bride. Asian skin, deep yellow, wearing a white wedding dress looks dull, worn ivory must be harmonious nature, blue, purple and yellow are not coordinated, but the pink-orange, yellow, pale green in color match. What is your skin, pink skin or brown skin with white looks great in particular, the latter comes from the honor different than the other
    Traditional wedding dresses long and fashion and general availability of the skirt like an umbrella, many girls are eager to wear can be worn in the studio to take pictures, of course, but the marriage rituals, it seems very practical, long skirts would make people think so short and dragging on the wedding day, want to choose new tail on the ground a small wedding, or the length of the ankle and a dress-straight cut, if legs of confidence may also skirt the mini skirt or so, if it is free and easy healthy character, wearing white pants bring the style that emphasizes personal and different.

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