Basics Rules of Dressing

    Is dressing for parties and events always a big problem for you? Or do you getup each morning with the question what to wear toady that would make you look perfect? Or your friends and family suggest to about your dressing style and make you more confuse। You feel your friend's dresses are more stylish than you. It means you are not clear with basic rules of dressing. Everyone wants to wear swanky outfit, buy it not everybody's cup of tea. Many do women big mistake while selecting outfits, and make fun of self by neglecting simple basic of dressing.

    Follow some thumb rule to make your dress shopping easier

    1. Wear what you think look good on you, not other. No doubt other people are the best judge, but your choice is important here because your trust on dress would add confidence in you.

    2 Be yourself. Do not try to show different image through your clothing. Wear dresses according to your comfortableness, body frame and suitability.

    3. Most important is to wear clothes of your size only, does not matter how fat you are or how petite. Rule is the same for all. Get fit in your mind that never compromise with size. Accept you real size to not run away from it.

    4. Set a long mirror and right lights in your makeup room, so that you can see your full and clear image. First face the mirror then people out size. Let mirror tell you what wrong before other people.

    5. Be update with latest fashion through fashion magazine, website, blog and of course television. Try different kind of outfits, same kind of dressing can make you look boring.

    6. Do not hesitate to wear different colors. It is always said which skin tone should wear which dress color. But I would advise, rather than following guidelines try it yourself. Try different shades of color and check out which suits you

    7. Many women neglect power of hairstyle. Give the equal importance to you hairstyle like clothing. Hairstyle plays an important role in overall appearance.

    8। Like hairstyle other accessories are also a great way for enhancing appearance and come under basic rules of dressing. It includes jewelry; shoes, makeup etc.

    Avoid mistakes like wearing yellow spot shoe with red party dress.

    Dressing is all about how you carry it off, thus most important above all is to be relaxed and have confidence. If you don't have confidence even the best looking dress of the world cannot do anything. It is YOU who has to do all things.

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