Fashion ‘Sex and the City’ Style

    It’s Party time and the theme of the party is ‘Sex and the City’ you want to be dressed as one of the characters from the famous sitcom and movie ‘Sex and the City’. The famous four characters are the Eccentric Carrie, Romantic Charlotte, Busy Miranda, Stylish and Confident Samantha. Each character brings a twist to fashion.

    Some of the fashion trends highlighted by the four girls:-
    Vintage Style Dresses
    • Curly bob haircut
    • Shoes and expensive bags
    • God necklaces with names
    • Large belts

    The above articles are the few to be mentioned.

    Lets explain the fashion invented by the characters which will help you dress if you posses the same qualities as any one of them

    Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker):-

    Carrie is the funky fashionista who is an author and columnist. In terms of fashion she is the most eccentric she uses a mixture of vintage dresses like fur coats with fancy accessories. She is always spotted with a pair of stilettos whatever maybe the occasion or outfit.

    Her favorite designers include Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Dior to name a few. If you resemble Carrie from the sitcom (my personal favorite) then by now you know what to dress up like for the theme party, just be yourself and have fun.

    Samantha (Kim Cattrall) :-

    Samantha is the most confident of them all as Kim plays the role of Samantha who is a public relations executive. Samantha is the character of a woman who desires lust over love and is not ashamed to admit it.
    To dress up like Samantha you have pick up a very stylish costume and be confident in whatever you do. Bright colored outfits can make you stand out that are tight with low cut. As she has an amazing body and isn’t shy to expose it.
    Accessorize yourself with chunky earrings and bracelets that are bright colored.

    Charlotte (Kristin Davis) :-

    Charlotte played by Kirsten Davis is an art gallery curator and is the most romantic of the fab four. Optimistic in nature and a positive belief that love lies in future for her and her friends and when that belief does not work, it changes her character dramatically and ends up having a perfect life that she always wanted. If she is on your mind then romance is the keyword you are looking out for.
    Collard shirts, Capri and accessories with matching pastels.

    Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) :-

    She is the woman with confidence and style who has a busy life and juggles between her profession as a lawyer and her home life, believes in reality and does not trust men easily. Miranda carries a casual style. She dresses up in sophisticated business attire and at home she is trendy.
    If your life revolves around this character then be trendy and do not forget to accessorize fashionably

    Do not get too much involved by the characters played by these beautiful ladies, that in the end you forget being yourself, these are just tips.

    Have fun and enjoy your Party!Source URL:
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