Wedding Invitation Text Design

    Feel free to use this samples for your wedding invitation card if the bride, groom and their parents hosting or as the host of the wedding invitation ceremony. Wedding invitations more than tell who, what, where and when; they set the overall tone of the event. From the way the invitation is addressed on the outside to the font used for the text inside, a wedding invitation says whether the event will be formal, casual, grand, intimate, themed, traditional, or something entirely different.

    Choosing the right wording for your wedding invitations is a task that might take some time, but you have to look there where you can find the proper words.

    Here are a few wedding invitation wording samples that you can use to get ideas for your own invites.

    Adding quotes about love or friendship to an invitation is another way to make your invitation "feel right" to you.

    All the following samples are assuming that the bride and groom are the ones inviting these can be altered of course so the the parents are doing the inviting. Also, the times, dates and addresses have been left out to save space.

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