Beautiful Simple Wedding Cakes

    Simple wedding cake will add a feature on the day of marriage. It is not just a fancy wedding cake that could attract the attention of stout invitations, the cake can surely too simple. Of course, with design good design. For example shown in the image above. Four-layered wedding cake. With a white base color, which is then decorated with black ribbons and blue can of course add to the beauty of this simple cake.

    For our cake this one includes pearls as decoration. on walls adorned the walls of the cake we also use a cream that we design resembles a pearl beads are placed on the wall cake wall. In order to change the appearance of a simple cake that looks fancy.

    Simple cake, layers of three is not much placed accessories. only at the center included a cream-colored ribbon adapted to the basic wana cake. Although the look is very simple, but maybe if those of you who do not like the luxury of going, say that this cake looks beautiful. Obviously you would not spend a fortune to get this cake.
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