White Wedding Dresses


    White wedding dress is a symbol of wealth. Different theories have been made ​​as to why wearing a white wedding dress. One theory is the appreciation of the symbolism of color. White usually represents purity of heart and not guilty. However, wearing a white dress strongly suggest a symbolic meaning in Christianity. This is a variation of the white robe worn in the Western Catholic tradition with members of the clergy, church choir and servers and dresses worn by girls make their first communion and in their confirmation and also by women make religious vows. Today, the white dress is usually understood only as the choice of the most traditional and popular for weddings.


    However, a wedding dress is not always elaborate white gown, wedding dress color will greatly affect your confidence when wearing the dress or during your marriage. You can place their digaun any color your wedding. because of the color of your wedding dress can be meriahnya wedding reception. There have been many in this era, blue, not white, is a symbol of purity, and many brides choose to wear a blue wedding dress special for that reason.


    You can see examples of wedding dress designs are popular this diWEB. you can also find information about marriage before your special day.
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