Designer Prom Dresses

    Most girls certainly take their prom dresses seriously, and it's quite common for classes in the days leading up to the senior prom to be rather disrupted by plans for the prom, prom dresses, makeup and hair-dos.

    Let's start with the colour of your prom dress. It's best to select a shade that complements the colour of your skin and hair. A good general rule of thumb is if you have reddish or bluish tones to your skin, then you should choose shades that contain blues and reds, while if you have more golden tones to your skin, you should choose yellow-based tones. This doesn't mean that if you love green but have pinkish skin you have to avoid wearing your favourite colour to the prom: it just means that your prom dress should be in a bluer shade of green ? a nice turquoise or eau de nil would be perfect.

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