Avoid Makeup Mistakes for Looking Best

    Makeup comprises great position in women’s dressing ensemble. She is incomplete without makeup. Every woman applies it ranging from lighter to dark shades. But remember applying makeup is an art and your one mistake can do blunders to your appearance. Interesting thing is in spite of knowing this woman commit mistakes. This article mentions a list of some common makeup blunders women does and should avoid.

    * First most common makeup blunder women do is, they start applying makeup without washing and cleaning face. Never do it. First of all wash and clean face.

    * Mostly women does mistake while applying a blush. It is one of the most used cosmetics by women. Blush is applied on cheeks and in turn it makes entire face glow. Blush adds a great shine to face but if applied in right manner. It should be applied of right shade and in less quantity but many women does its opposite, thus commits one of the greatest makeup blunders. Too much blush gives shabby look. If put on rightly give a natural look. For that go for soft pinks or peach color blush as they makes you look charming. Also while applying smile a little and dab the blush onto the cheekbones.

    * Concealer is applied to hide face flaws but some women instead of hiding highlights them thus commits another common makeup blunder. You need to avoid it carefully. For avoiding make sure that concealer is of the same color of foundation. Same shades foundation and concealer hides blemishes well.

    * Wrong color make up is also one of the common makeup blunders done by women. Even if you apply makeup accurately without moving a line inch around but of wrong color your all efforts will go in vain. Therefore it is always best to stick to basic colors unless you are very sure about other colors that they will surely suit you.

    * Many times women apply concealer in large quantity to hide dark circle under the eyes, but end up doing its opposite. The better way is to moisturize the area under eyes and use over it a light and creamy concealer in small amounts. Later blend it well and no dark circles will be seen.

    * Lipstick is one of the favorite’s cosmetics of women but it is not necessary that it will enhance everybody’s look. Chapped lips women should avoid using lipstick completely as it makes lips dry and affects appearance. Lip balm is a better choice as it keeps chapped lips moist and soft as well. Lip balms are also available in tones of colors and fruity flavors as well.

    * Never apply eye shadow without mascara. Many women feel lazy and apply only eye shadow but this gives bad looks to you. Mascara is must for best looks. It is so because particles of eye shadow sit on lashes, thus downplays appearance. Therefore apply mascara on your upper and lower lashes to enhance the look of eyes.

    * Many women first do eye make up and then move towards face make up, thus end up committing a make up blunder. If you do eye make up first then you have to do face make up with much caution and even it can be ruined. Always first finish off with face make up and then do eye make up for the best results.

    These are some of the common makeup mistakes done by women. From next time whenever sit for doing make up keep them in mind and avoid.Source URL: http://weddingspace.blogspot.com/2011/03/avoid-makeup-mistakes-for-looking-best.html
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