Why A Person Should Try A Hairstyle Bob?

    Why a person should try a hairstyle Bob?

    Bob is one of the most popular and versatile hairstyles around. Its origins can be traced to the American actress Louise Brooks, who was popular in the years 1920 and 1930. His best race was almost like a helmet surrounded by his boss.

    Usually, a bob is a cut that is longer in the front and has the neck. There is a tendency nowadays a more retro look as Bob looked reverses the singer Rihanna. This is accomplished with the rounded head hugs and short layers layers underneath. This short style will again in the neck and make it look longer.

    Why would anyone try to bob hairstyle? The look is very versatile and flexible range of facial shapes and hair types. Anyone who favors a hair or two short hair framing their faces would benefit from a bob.

    Bob hairstyle tips

    * If you have a round face, the bob will add layer around the chin and neck appear longer. A good example would be the actress Julianna Mauriello, who plays in the television series of town for Stephanie Lazy children. This look works well with color.

    * If you have thinning hair, a bob can make use of layers and colors to give your hair texture and the extra weight. When cut, you can use styling products like mousse volume (Aveda and L'Oreal are two good examples). Structuring wax as Aveda and Tigi also work with the style to make your hair thicker and healthier. The most important thing to remember with fine hair is to avoid a long style that is all the same length as this can make your hair look stiff and lifeless.

    * Bobs for those with thicker hair may require an additional step of a silicone sealant, such as Aveda and Tigi, to give a smoother finish.

    The bob is very popular today, thanks in large part to the many celebrities who are or have been wearing the sporty look like Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Melissa Joan Hart, Kylie Minogue, Charlize Theron, Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham, who has raised-bobs in two different lengths and colors, and short blond chin length in a warm brown color.

    Taking care of Bob is quite simple and straightforward, usually requiring only a hairdryer and a little 'time. However, the over-drying Blow, texturing, but applying the cream to damp hair and left to dry, of course, can also produce a very modern look.

    There are so many different varieties of Bob that almost any hair type and face shape can be accommodated, regardless of whether your hair is thick, thin, straight or curly, or your face is round, oval or square . Consultation with your stylist is always recommended, but Bob is a good choice to update or brighten your look.

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