40 Plus Celebrities Look As Young As 20-year Olds In Stunning Dresses

    There are many stars that are always updated about fashion and they go to any lengths to look hot. They don’t care about their age and in fact they put in their stride. It should be the same with everyone. Age doesn’t stop anyone from looking trendy and fashionable. Let’s take a look at few celebrities who are plus 40 and still look hot and 10 times younger to their age.

    Sandra Bullock who is 47 years old looks nowhere close to her age. And what best she does to herself is, not let her clothes speak her age. She even today wears dresses that really accentuate her beauty and make her look like a timeless beauty. She wore a red carpet dress that was strapless and red in color. It had a sweetheart neck. Now isn’t this a good enough proof that even being 47 years old, she wears everything that a 20-something girl would wear. Her make-up, hairdo and accessories everything is just flawless. She is no doubt a timeless beauty.

    Another timeless beauty is Demi Moore who lets nothing in her way of fashion. She has always been beautiful and still is. She wears dresses that are really youthful and striking. Cocktail dresses are her favorite. She is always spotted in short sheath cut dresses and they look very sexy. Demi Moore has aged gracefully. From looking fashionable, wearing the right make-up and to dating young boys, she still doesn’t feel her age. And that glow is always visible on her face.

    Salma Hayek one of the best actresses has always maintained that she wants to age gracefully without any forced beautifications. And she sure does look pretty. The kind of red carpet dresses she wears is breathtaking and leaves many awe-struck. Salma Hayek has been a favorite to many Indian actors too. Salma Hayek has always preferred wearing gowns with slits or sheath cuts. She also wears deep necked dresses and has no qualms in showing off her cleavage.

    These celebrities are an inspiration to many and should be because they have an impeccable style of carrying themselves even at this age. So if you planning to pick a dress for your mum or aunt take a cue from-you-know-who.

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