Tips For Dressing Men - Law According To Dress Your Body Type

    As you all know that each individual is different, so it is clear that their clothes must be different from each other. Women generally choose dresses for their body type, but men are weak in this area. Most of the choice of dress for men is driven by their friends and the latest fashion trends, but this is not the proper way to dress.

    You should first know your body type before you go to buy clothes. There are a number of measures and data that can help you identify your body type, when you know your body type, you can use the tips below as you find the right clothes for me.


    If your shoulders are wider than your height of 4 inches or more, then you have a V-shaped body There are a few tips for men in V-shaped, so they look cool and hide their broad shoulders.

    Top-dress all the men that are V-shaped body is used to raglan sleeve t-shirt or a dark color on top, because it reduces the appearance of broad shoulders. If you want to use the jacket you can wear a wide turn and a double-breasted jacket, because it emphasizes the waist line and cover the shoulders.

    Pants-If you have a V-shaped body, you should wear pleated pants with patch pockets, this will give you a lot about the size and maintain a balance with broad shoulders.

    - You should not wear sleeve less t-shirt and tight pants or jeans, because she will focus on the broad shoulders. Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps has a V-shaped body, and you can feel his style of dress.

    If your waist is wider than the chest by 6 inches or more means you have a big body. Now, you must deal with this matter-dressing

    Top of clothing, if you have a life of great dimensions, you must use a vertically aligned with light-colored T-shirt with the sleeves, and if you want to wear jackets to go with clothes.

    Pants - You must wear dark pants with insert-less belt will tuck in your belly. You can wear the top and bottom of the same color, because it creates a more streamlined look.

     Avoid loose clothing, because they make you look bigger. The V-shaped sleeve t neck neck region emphasizes its bulky jeans and low waist pants, high bulk size. So do not bring this type of clothing.


    If your chest is wider than your height with 4 inches or more, which means that you are thin or skinny. Follow the tips below to dress up to give you a cool look.

    Street clothes - If you're thin, avoid tight fitting tops with vertical lines and makes you look thinner. You can wear a shirt of Mount double layers and heavy chest to appear.

    PANTS - you can wear pleated pants and jeans boot cut, because it hides the thinness of the legs.

    DO-You are not allowed to wear tight dresses and skinny jeans.


    Men above the height of 5 feet 6 inches are great. Follow the tips below to clothing for tall men -

    - You must wear shirts horizontally aligned or large print or t-shirts. You can also select fitting clothing. Double breasted coats and jackets will suit you more if you're tall.

    - You can wear different colored tops and pants, as it covers the height.

    DO-Avoid loose clothing and peak vertical alignment, because both make you look taller. As the basketball player Jordan MICHAEK is one of the best dressed of the great men.


    Men who are below the height of 5 feet 6 inches are also called short. For them, wearing different tips are as follows -

    Tops - If you are short in height, you should wear shirts or vertical aligned t-shirts. You can wear the neck-shaped 'V' t-shirts and shirts slim fitting. In a formal dress, you can wear lapel edge and hair a little longer, because it creates a better look.

    Pants - seems long you should dress nicely equipped with a jolt. Another way to look longer is to use the top and bottom of the same color.

    Also need to know what makes you shorter, as the search for pants with low waist crossed coats, overcoats too long and the top and bottom of different color.

    Well-dressed Hollywood star Tom Cruise is shorter in height that even he has a style icon.

    Not all men look like Brad Pitt or Salman Khan, but if you follow the above "Dressing tips for men," you will look just as nice. Choosing clothes is not an ordinary job, a task of the new identity. Dress these tips will certainly make it easy for you to choose clothes that suit your body type. Follow these tips and see the new fashion icon in you.

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