How To Get Beautiful Lips

    The lips are characteristic of feminine beauty beautiful. The lips are an important part of our show that makes a person interesting. Although we are not always blessed with the beauty of this feature, but treatment continues and makes them beautiful twist properly. These are the skin that do not have sweat glands. In order to arrive at a rough and cracked. Dry very easily.

    Healthy beautiful lips are reddish, soft, smooth looking ant. They are shiny, if you are healthy. There are many ways to make your lips a sexy and voluptuous. A healthy diet is very important to achieve the beauty of your lips. Dry and chapped lips are sometimes due to adverse weather conditions, so all these factors should be eliminated when the beauty of your lips is desired. However, the following measures should be taken to the house is beautiful lips.

    * Lip balm should be applied to keep lips moisturized and shiny. Saliva does not hydrate the lips so often to prevent licking. Vaseline can be applied before going to bed every day, especially in cold dry weather.

    * When applied to dry lips, lip balm lipstick covered lips.

    * When the lips become dry flakes should not be removed with the teeth, but use soft toothbrush to keep them away.

    * Apply honey each day to night when you go to sleep, this will make your lips red, of course, applies lipstick.

    * If you have pale lips and have a bit of ginger juice and add this to the chicken egg yolk in the village and enjoy breaking the daily fast. After a few days you will have beautiful red lips.

    * If your lips are black with red lip badly then use toothpaste and apply it on lips for 10 minutes and wash.

    * Lemon juice or juice of coriander on the lips when you apply back to dark lips.

    * Rub the tomato slices in the mouth for 5 to 10 minutes will also be made of red lips when it gets dark by some allergy drugs or smoking,

    * Crushed rose petals gain applied to the lips, they will surely bring pink lips.

    * Hydrogenated ghee can be applied to the lips at night and leave them all night. Makes lips soft and smooth.

    * The lipstick is used whenever they are removed by night.

    LIP * primer should be used each time before lipstick, lipstick so that chemical effects should be reduced.

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