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    MOTHER marked with the child beauty pageant in Melbourne a farce after the organizers awarded the autistic daughter, the prize for best personality

    Leonie Myles, who brought his daughter Tahnee in Melbourne for the show controversy, said the price showed the demonstration was unprofessional and disorganized, reports Herald Sun.

    Cut and things changed at the last minute based management media because of the problems, so do not look too bad in Australia, "he said.

    Ms. Myles was embarrassed when her nine year old daughter won the best personality in the final assessment on Saturday.

    "I do not understand why," he said.

    "Tahnee social skills are not covered by having the better personality, because of autism. It was more sad, watching and wondering how they are judged."

    One of the promoters of the event, Carmen Powell and modeling agencies in Australia, standing with her decision to leave Tahnee prize.

    "This is how children feel good about themselves, feel worthy," he said.

    "Regardless of when you let your kids in competition at the judges' decision is final."

    Ms. Myles outcry came as various organizations have criticized the Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant, and other similar sexualising participants voluntarily, some were as young as two years.

    One of the modeling agencies in Melbourne also attacked the parade, saying that women could contribute to insecurity and body image issues young life.

    "And 'quite difficult for adolescents to address the ongoing processes of self-image, but hardly past childhood, set this is disgusting," FRM Model Management director Stephen Bucknall said.

    He has received further consideration when the organizers were forced to publish a note on Facebook agreed to reimburse the participants spent $ 50 order a photo and an autograph from U.S. competition Idol Eden Wood, who was scheduled to participate.

    Eden, six out of the unexpected event because of the growing criticism, it was received.

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