5 Short Hairstyles For Men

    Hairstyle Man says a lot about him, and is one of the first things you notice. The hairstyle can surely leave an everlasting right. Short hair is today's trend. These short hair for men with any situation, office, night clubs, parties and formal occasions.

    The choice of hairstyle depends on your shape, facial hair type and lifestyle. The best advice for choosing the right hairstyle is not to highlight the powerful features. Short hairstyles are the best bet for people who do not spend too much time in fashion design and maintain their hair.


    The word "jewel" of the points depicted in the shoes of a football player. For this style you need to take lots of hair gel to spread evenly over your hair. Take a small portion of your hair and twist locks slightly.Then randomly divided into parts, and expect to dry your hair properly. When it dries you are ready to explore new looks in front of your friends and relatives.This style requires proper washing every day. Regular use can damage the hair gel.


    Cut texture is very fashionable. This hairstyle can be worn with formal. The addition of texture can make the hair very relaxing for the eyes. The expression is very interesting, because it is all cut. Razor techniques can be used in a variety of edges.

    The look is a bit complicated, but also fashionable. Wash every day and proper maintenance enhances the beauty of this area. This style can be seen as soft and modern at the same time. The door can be used casually with this hairstyle.

    Natural wavy

    Natural wavy
    You can get this hairstyle, first of all it is necessary to increase the length of the hair on the forehead. Then you need to moisten the hair before and that must be rubbed on the scalp to the edges, using Gel is a small amount.
    Brush can make hair dry and give it a shape, until hair is completely dry. When it dries, you can see the natural wave to the front of the area. The most important thing is that the look is very natural, and goes to all kinds of clothes.
    Proper washing is necessary for hair. And maintaining natural wave in your head, you should be careful with the length of your hair. And the cut was made after a period of time.

    Classic cut

    Classic cut

    Even today, some men try to be fashionable without forgetting the roots of tradition. For men, classic cuts can be combined with a fringe.
    The basics remain the same, but in recent years, variations may occur. For this look, use some styling gels and can be styled as well.
    Style can be considered as an evergreen. This gentleman appears and presents a very good personality.

    Cutting Crew

    Cutting Crew
    It is the last of hairstyles short hairstyles. Cutting Crew is moving around quite frequently in young people. This hairstyle is also known as buzz cuts. This is the most popular among people working in the regime of the military.

    popular short haircuts for menThe hair is crazy when it's hot or cold. This aspect gives the person a more dignified and manly. Haircut or buzz cut so many variations and depends entirely on your taste. Barber is a more versatile.

    This hairstyle requires very little maintenance. Gel, paste wax, and washing hardly necessary and sufficient to adjust your hair style.

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