My last bridal shoot of the season and look how gorgeous.  Jen modeled today for about 12 Photographers from the Bay Area Photography Group, Renegade  We spent the day out in Golden Gate Park where we shot some of my longer veils, something I'm not as known for producing but have nonetheless.  This one is a full cathedral length in ivory tulle, heavy on the drama soon to go up on ETSY.  I want to take this time to thank the photographers from Renegade for taking so many shots of my work.  And if you're perchance a Bay Area Bride, here's a clue-you-up on one of the best bridal and fashion makeup artists I've ever worked with.  Her name is Aliya Qazi and her skill with the palette and powders is incredible.  These are not photoshopped images, so you can see the deft hand Aliya used on Jen, just what wedding day makeup should be . . .
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