Choose Cocktail Dress by Body Shape

    Cocktail dress enhances the natural beauty of women. Every women want to wear a fashionable cocktail dress and look extremely beautiful. Lots of fashion experiments have done with the cocktail dress to convert it in to the most lovable dress. Latest fashion trends making the cocktail dress more trendy and stylish. But thing to be remember is that every cocktail dress does not suit to every woman. You need to choose to your cocktail dress very carefully by keeping mind your body shape. Dress style suiting your figure is the major tool for looking fashionable. It should complement figure to get lots of good compliments.

    There are some tips for you to select proper cocktail dress according to your body shape to look gorgeous


    Women having a pear body shape need to balance their body by applying enhancing look to upper part of body. Pear shaped women look fabulous in neat jackets and feminine shirts or blouses. Strapless dresses are the best choice for these women

    Hour Glass

    Try to emphasize your waist without highlighting your curves by color blocking your outfits. Consider a loose blouse with an open collar or a loose-fitting v-neck on top. Think about flat-front, side-zip and pocket less pants, as they minimize your full hips and bottom.


    Wrap or surplice tops help to give definition to the waist, which might otherwise get lost in a dress. Consider wearing a coordinated skirt and top instead of a cocktail dress. You might also consider wearing a cocktail suit with a peplum jacket..


    V-necks and low-cut shirts are for you. While choosing the top avoid very tight fitted tops. Filled skirt like a pencil will gook good on you.

    Inverted Triangle

    In order to balance out your wider shoulders, try a skirt or pant that has a flare to them. Even the wider leg pants that have been big the last couple of seasons would do the trick and they are a little more modern.

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