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    white-wedding-dressesOne of the biggest decisions you will face as the big day approaches is choosing the perfect wedding gown and wedding dress. The process of shopping for wedding dresses can be a wonderful adventure, but also can be stressful and great - especially because the bride-to-be often start shopping for a dress before other details are determined. You may have a clear mental picture of the perfect wedding gown since you were five years old. So ideally you should start shopping for your dress nine months or more before your wedding. (If you do not have much time, okay, just budget for some rush fee). First consider the most suitable wedding dress for your day - for example, consider a short tea-length or cocktail length dress for beach wedding. Look for wedding dresses with removable sleeves or a rope to provide the widest range of options. If your friends make your wedding dress, make sure that you have approved the schedule of fittings and the opportunity to make adjustments. If you're looking for cheap in the sales sample, or a discount outlet, you should budget money to take clothes to a good tailor. Many designers will ask for three fittings, and will be closely tailor your wedding dress to fit you. If money is a problem, remember that the most expensive type of clothing is not necessarily the best. Many brides find a bridesmaids dress white or off-white that works perfectly, and hundreds of dollars cheaper. There are thousands of dresses that will have on sample sales, shop thrift, and ebay. If you choose to make the dress yourself, do not delay. Do not forget this is your wedding day.
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