Wedding Dress sketches and propose a fabric selection designs and themes
    The initial meeting is usually an informal discussion about ideas, designs, themes, and budget. From this, Sandra will draw up initial sketches and propose a fabric selection. A price indication can be given at this stage. On finalising the design the price will be agreed, a detailed sketch will be provided along with fabric swatches and order confirmation form. At this point a 50% deposit is required.

    At the next meeting, body measurements will be taken to enable a pattern and calico toile (mock up) to be made to your exact requirements. At this stage, Sandra will fit the toile to you, allowing you to see the design on the body and adjust any elements of the design or fit that may be necessary. A matching veil can also be selected at this time.

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    Choosing Place, Flowers and style for a wedding can be a daunting task. It is easy for florists because they work with flowers everyday of their working life but for a bride to be it can seem like a mammoth task. So we have put together some top tips to help out.
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